The Two Faces of Evil
Hammer House of Horror
The Lewis family pick up a yellow raincoat clad hitchhiker whilst driving to their holiday cottage, but he attacks Martin and they have a serious car crash. Janet awakes in hospital to find her husband recovering from serious injuries but when he joins them at their cottage, Janet believes he is a doppleganger.

the cast
Janet/Anna Calder-Marshall Martin/Gary Raymond David/Paul Hawkins Sister/Pauline Delany Hargreaves/Philip Latham
Anna Calder-Marshall
Gary Raymond
Paul Hawkins
Pauline Delany
Philip Latham
Mrs Roberts/Jenny Laird Mr Roberts/William Moore Dr Cummings/Jeremy Longhurst Nurse Davies/Brenda Cowling P C Jenkins/Mike Savage
Mrs Roberts
Jenny Laird
Mr Roberts
William Moore
Dr Cummings
Jeremy Longhurst
Nurse Davies
Brenda Cowling
P.C. Jenkins
Mike Savage
Attendant/Malcolm Hayes
Malcolm Hayes

  Production information for The Two Faces of Evils
Ranald Graham
Alan Gibson

transmission information
    29th November 1980 (UK ITV)

screen shots
man in yellow raincoat that man in his yellow raincoat the finger nail their car crashes at the hospital
Janet sees the stranger in his Yellow raincoat They stop to pick him up The stranger's finger nail The car crashes Janet and David at the hospital
severed hand janet burns their belongings martin comes home hitchhikers teeth Martin attacks
The severed hand Janet burns their trashes belongings Martin comes home The hitchhikers teeth Martin attacks Janet & David
Davids teeth martin and david waving janet driving
David ought to see a dentist There's nothing wrong Janet Uh Oh - Whos that

location guide
  Hampden House was used for the hospital
  The crossroads just outside Hampden House was used when Janet first sees the hitchhiker
  Farm near to Hampden House used for barn/farm scenes at end of episode
  The holiday cottage is in Great Hampden
  Great Missenden car park was used for the hospital car park scene

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