Guardian of the Abyss
the story
Satanic Ritual An antique mirror turns up at a house clearance. A young girl on the run from a cult society claims the the mirror is a scrying glass used to summon Chorozon, the almighty devil. Soon the society led by Charles Randolph are keen to get their hands on both the mirror and the girl. [full story]

the cast
Michael Roberts/Ray Lonnen Allison/Rosalyn Landor Charles Randolph/John Carson Simon Andrews/Paul Darrow
Michael Roberts
Ray Lonnen
Rosalyn Landor
Charles Randolph
John Carson
Simon Andrews
Paul Darrow
Famous for playing Avon in BBC's Blakes 7
Tina/Caroline Langrishe 1st Girl/Sophie Thompson
Caroline Langrishe
Well known for her role as Charlotte Cavendish in the BBC series Lovejoy
1st Girl
Sophie Thompson
2nd Girl
Sharon Fussey
Barry McDonald
Barbara Ewing

  Production information for Guardian of The Abyss
David Fisher
Don Sharp

transmission information
    15th November 1980 (UK ITV)

screen shots

The opening scene Simon and Laura after the auction Allison escapes from the society The Society members chase Allison Laura's antique shop
The opening scene of the satanic ritual taking place Simon is interested in the scrying glass after the auction Allison escapes from the Chorozn Society The Society members chase after Allison Laura's antique shop
Simon's antique shop Randolph's voodoo dolls Allison attempts to stab Mike Allison is prepared for the ritual Mike's about to get it
Simon's antique shop Randolph's voodoo dolls Allison attempts to stab Mike Allison is prepared for the ritual Mike's about to get it

location guide

Laura Stephen's antique shop was located in Hill Avenue, Amersham-on-the-Hill, about 5 shops down from the old Post Office (I think this may be the same shop as used in Charlie Boy for Heinz's antique shop).
Laura Staphen's Antique Shop Another shot of antique shop

Simon Andrews antique shop was in Old Amersham High Street, next to the Kings Arms hotel.
simon andrews antique shop

When Mike stops to pick up Allison, you can see Hampden House in the distance with what must have been at one time, a gatehouse. This is on Rignall Road leading from Gt. Missenden to Chequers.
hampden house in the distance

Hampden House is used extensively throughout this episode as the Chorozson Society headquarters. You get to see some nice shots of the exterior and interior.

I'm sure that the shots used for the interior of Mike's house are infact Hampden House as when Randolph comes to see Mike, you can see the shaped conifer trees through the window that you also see when Allison is escaping.
*update* However Andy Pagin, a visitor to the site and Hampden House is certain Hampden House wasn't used for the interior shots of Mike's house

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