Charlie Boy
the story
Charlie Boy : The voodoo doll fetishThis episode centres around a wooden African fetish or voodoo carving, christened Charlie Boy by its new owners Sarah (Angela Bruce) and her boyfriend Graham (Leigh Lawson). They acquire the fetish after Graham's Uncles untimely and tragic death.

After collecting the fetish, Graham and Sarah have a road rage experience and when at home later the same day they start joking around and taking their anger out on Charlie Boy. Unbeknown to them the voodoo doll works and the road rage driver dies an unpleasant death... [full story]

the cast
Graham/Leigh Lawson Sarah/Angela Bruce Heinz/Marius Goring Gwen/Frances Cuka Mark/Michael Culver
Leigh Lawson
Angela Bruce
Marius Goring
Frances Cuka
Michael Culver
Phil/Micahel Deeks Secretary/Janet Clare Fielding Armourer/Michael Stock
Michael Deeks
David Healey
Jeff Rawle
Janet Clare Fielding
Michael Stock
Boy/Andrew Pariss
Lee Richards
Andrew Pariss
Charles Pemberton


Bernie Cooper, Francis Megahy
Robert Young

transmission information
    18th October 1980 (UK ITV)

screen shots
fall from roof up for auction road rage graham fires at charlie boy ? is dead
Uncle falls from roof Heinz sorts out items for auction road rage Graham fires at Charlie Boy ? murdered
graham recalls the party graham stabs the photo graham stabs charlie boy mark dies phil on set
happy days Graham stabs the photo Graham stabs Charlie Boy Mark dies Phil on his film set
phil's about to get it gwen in the bath sarah's car crash final scene
Phils' about to get it Blood bath Sarah's crashed mini Final scene

location guide
Film locations used in the episode

The exterior shots of Grahams Uncle's stately home are Hampden House as are the interior shots. The opening scene is the Main Hall of Hampden House.

MissendenThe road rage locations are in Great Missenden along Rignall Road

When Gwen is shown driving home, she is infact driving along the main drive to Hampden House

Heinz's antique shop is in Hill Avenue, Amersham-on-the-Hill, near the train station

The crossroads at Hampden House is used (and in other episodes too)

Exterior of Graham and Sarah's house is Peterley Manor in Prestwood (Thanks to Maverick Media for locating this one)

Interior of Graham and Sarah's house is Hampden House (Thanks to Andy Pagin for confirming this. He says "a scene at 30min 53sec shows a blanked out stone window frame, this is on the 1st floor between two rooms, originally it must have been an outside window that was blanked when the house was extended")

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