Can Anyone Help, it May Not be Hammer

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Can Anyone Help, it May Not be Hammer

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When I was a young boy, I use to sneak downstairs to watch horror movies whilst my parents slept, tow of the horror movies I watched was and want to see again I cannot seem to find, so if I explained the scenes I remember someone might be able to help me find and purchase the movies?

1, Is the original or I think original version of The Turn Of The Screw, in the ending scenes I remember, the boy, the young master is shouting at the ghost the previous master to go away the ghost dressed in the usual Edwardian/Victorian clothes has great jagged vampire teeth and is standing in what I think is the garden house, telling the ghost master as I said has the most horrific vampire monsterish teeth with his features looking very malevolent and frightening, the boy (the young master) then dies and the governess finds the boy holding him in her arms, he is dead. That is the scene I remembered from one of the versions of The Turn Of The Screw, I think it is a black and white version but I am not sure? Can you remember this version and when it was produced so I can get a copy? Thank you .

2, In the scene I remember from the name of the movie I cannot remember, there are a group of witches, during the parts of the horror movie I remember, the witches are having a supernatural witch fight, one witch is at the bottom of an oak banister stair rails she floats down the stairs to fight her opponents witch, in the second scene I remember, the witch in in a bed room, half dressed, the sounds of a clubbed foot draws closer, the witch is kneeling on the floor with her night dress down over her shoulders top her waste, the door sings open and turns to look up at the club foot devil who is hidden from the camera then she the witch says ‘’ I am ready master’’
That is all I remember, can you remember this horror movies it is colour and what it is called and where to get a copy?

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Re: Can Anyone Help, it May Not be Hammer

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#2 sounds like something from 'The Witches of Eastwick' 1987. Though I vaguely remember an older horror movie where some of the characters have a devils' hoof instead of one foot.