1970s Childrens Sci-Fi

Recommend or discuss other classic British TV series. They don't have to be horror related !
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1970s Childrens Sci-Fi

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I've just re-watched 'Children of the Stones' (1976) and it got me thinking, those of us lucky enough to be born in the mid 1960s were really spoiled when it came to Sci-Fi. There were loads of shows written specifically for children that didn't talk down to us or play to the lowest common denominator (ie. morons).

I'm on 'The Tripods' now, and keenly looking for a full set of 'King of the Castle' and the even more obscure 'ManDog'.

I'm sure there's others I've forgotten about. Ideas anyone?

Anyone's dad set up a super-8 in front of the telly when ManDog was on perchance?