episode guide to the series witching time, the thirteenth reunion, rude awakening, growing pains, the house that bled to death, charlie boy, the silent scream, children of the full moon, carpathian eagle, guardian of the abyss, visitor from the grave, the two faces of evil, the mark of satan
Listed below are the thirteen episodes in transmission date order (on UK ITV network). For more detailed information on each episode, click on the episode title or use the menu to the right.

Witching Time 13th September 1980
A strange woman mysteriously appears on David Winter's farm, claiming to be a seventeenth century witch.

The Thirteenth Reunion 20th September 1980
A Fleet Street journalist investigates a dubious slimming clinic.

Rude Awakening 27th September 1980
Denholm Elliot plays an estate agent trapped in a recurring nightmare.

Growing Pains 4th October 1980
An old book containing a strange poem resurrects a vengeful spirit from the dead.

The House That Bled To Death 11th October 1980
The new occupants of 42 Colman Road experience its gruesome past.

Charlie Boy 18th October 1980
A carved African fetish with voodoo powers has a dangerous mind of its own.

The Silent Scream 25th October 1980
A seemingly kind pet shop owner played wonderfully by Peter Cushing offers an ex-con a job.

Children of The Full Moon 1st November 1980
When a couple's car crashes, a woman with a rather large number of children offers them a room at her house in the forest.

Carpathian Eagle 8th November 1980
A number of gruesome murders are linked to the legend of a Carpathian Countess.

Guardian of the Abyss 15th November 1980
An antiques dealer purchases a mirror with mysterious powers.

Visitor From The Grave 22nd November 1980
A woman shoots dead an intruder who terrorises her in a lonely cottage. Her boyfriend buries the body in the woods - but thats not the end of her ordeal.

The Two Faces of Evil 29th November 1980
A young family on holiday pick up a strange hicth-hiker.

The Mark of Satan 6th December 1980
A man sees the number 9 everywhere and is convinced the forces of evil are at work.

Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense
A 2nd series of Hammer House of Horror was planned in 1982 consisting of 13 ninety minute indiviual episodes. Titles included "Half a Pound of Tuppenny Cyanide","The Lady is for Burning" and "Death Wrapped for Christmas", but none made their way into the finished series. Twentieth Century-Fox Television provided finance for the newly titled series "Fox Mystery Theatre" with the condition that each episode would be made for 90 minute tv slots and that they should contain little graphic horror content (hardly in the Hammer tradition!). Click on the title above to view episode titles and a collection of photos from the series.

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