The House That Bled To Death
the story
Blood at the party This episodes centres on 42 Colman Road, a semi-detached house with a gruesome past that terrorises its new occupants. In the opening sequence we see an old couple in the kitchen drinking hot chocolate and relaxing when the husband hacks his wife to death with one of the ornamental knives that he takes from the wall.

The new occupants, Mr. and Mrs. Peters (Nicholas Ball and Rachael David) move in with their young daughter but are soon subjected to a series of alarming events, including blood dripping from the daughters bedroom wall and the cat having its throat slashed.

The climax comes when the daughter is having a birthday party and opens one of her presents only to find the two knives used by the old man at the beginning of the story. Later in the party William Peters tries to fix a blockage in the house's water system. The pipes in the house start to vibrate loudly then suddenly the pipes break open through the ceiling and blood floods out all over the children at the party.

Mrs. Peters is admitted into hospital suffering a nervous breakdown. Jean and George Evans (Pat Maynard and Brian Croucher) are friendly neighbours and go to visit her only to find she left in the middle of the night

The story ends showing William and Emma Peters relaxing beside a pool of an LA mansion. William apologises to Emma for putting her through such an ordeal, but says it was worth it for the payment they received from Mr. Powers, the so-called estate agent who wrote a book all about the house that bled to death and made a fortune selling the movie rights.

The closing sequence shows William and Emma's daughter opening an old suitcase in which we see the knitting needles, the doll and the knives. William and Emma are in bed, when in walks their Sophie. William tells her to get out, but Sophie just walks up to him and then lashes down with one of the ornamental knives. A splash of blood hits Emma.

the cast
Nicholas Ball/William Peters Rachael Davis/Emma Peters Emma Ridley/Sophie Pat Maynard/Jean Evans Brian Croucher/George Evans
William Peters
Nicholas Ball
Emma Peters
Rachael Davies
Sophie Peters
Emma Ridley
Jean Evans
Pat Maynard
George Evans
Brian Croucher
Also known for his roles as Space Commander Travis in Blakes 7 and as Ted in Eastenders
Mr Powers
old man
old woman
A. J. Powers
Milton Johns
Old Man
George Tovey
Old Woman
Una Brandon-Jones
Max Mason
Anna Perry
first mother
second mother
1st Mother
Jo Warne
2nd Mother
Sarah Keller
Marilyn Finlay

  Production details for The House That Bled to Death
David Lloyd
Tom Clegg

transmission information
    11th October 1980 (UK ITV)

screen shots
The House Opening Sequence The Knives Hand in Fridge Newspaper Cutting
42 Colman Road The opening sequence in which the old man kills his wife The knives The bloody severed hand in fridge Newspaper cutting of murder

knife present whats that noise Blood everywhere peters at the pool sophie has an idea
Sophie gets a knife for a birthday present Whats that noise ? Blood everywhere The Peters in LA Sophie has an idea

Final Shot
video clip
The final shot Video clip of the bloody party scene

location guide
Film locations used in The House That Bled to Death

The house used was in Chairborough Road High Wycombe (the actual house number is known but not declared to protect the privacy of this residential address). Thanks to Nikki who actually lived in the house used for the Evans' house. She has kindly provided these unique photographs taken by herself during filming of this episode !
Nicholas Ball during a pause between filming Shooting a scene The crowd look on
Nicholas Ball during a pause between filming Shooting a scene A small crowd watch the filming

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