Carpathian Eagle
Hammer House of Horror
Detective Inspector Clifford played by Anthony Valentine is called to the scene of the latest murder in whichthe victim died from having their heart cut out with a carved cutting tool. Whilst getting ready for workin the morning he hears a radio interview with an author of a book about a 300 year old carpathian countess whomurdered her lovers by the same means. Inspector Clifford tracks down Natalie, played by SuzanneDanielle to interview her. She's portrayed as a very timid and plain woman who couldn't possibly be the sameseductive temptress who murders these men, could she !

The last living relative of the Countess provided Natalie with the information for her book. Clifford interviewsher and puts a watch on her house, later to discover a young man who comes and goes - their number one suspect. Clifford and Natalie become close, but when the nephew is proved not to be guilty and more murders occur Clifford suspects Natalieand has her house searched, only to be proved wrong. Their relationship fails, but he is keen to get things back on track.

They get it on again and at the end of a romantic evening together Natalie transforms herself into the Countess andClifford is no more.

A young Pierce Brosnan pops up near the end of the story as Natalies last victim, after whichNatalie lays to rest the Countess and moves on to research another murderess.

the cast
Suzanne Danielle
Inspector Clifford
Anthony Valentine
Mrs. Henska
Sian Phillips
Jonathan Kent
Last Victom
Pierce Brosnan
Yes really ! One of his first appearances

  Production information for Carpathian Eagle
Bernie Cooper, Francis Megahy
Francis Megahy

transmission information
    8th November 1980 (UK ITV)

screen shots
    To be added

location guide
  Film locations used in Carpathian Eagle

Methodist church, Woodside Road, Amersham - The police station
Great Missenden Church - Exterior shot at the funeral of Inspector Clifford
Great Missenden High Street - When Inspector Clifford & Natalie chat
BMI Chiltern Hospital Great Missenden - Exterior shot of Mrs Henska's house and building opposite
Chesham Park - When Pierce Brosnan is jogging and meets Natalie
Bois Lane, Chesham Bois - Natalie's house and off-licence
Hampden House - Hammers head quarters is used yet again; for the countesses' parlour (Andy Pagin says "on the floor plan it’s two rooms to the right of room 7. All the interior scenes featuring pastel painted walls with ‘picture frame’ woodwork and/or carved fruit are also at Hampden. I’m fairly certain the background of the 300 year old countesses’ portrait is the doorway to the right of the “3” in room 3 of the floorplan"). Hampden House was also used at the very end
The Watermill Hotel in Bourne End (Herts) was used for the motel that Natlie goes to to get changed (Thanks to Guy Morgan for spotting this one)
Hemel Hempstead Old Town - The wine bar/cellar scene was filmed at The Spinning Wheel Restaurant
Hemel Hempstead Old Town - The theatre and dressing room scene was filmed in the arts centre (thanks to Rupert Elmore and Sarah Wareing for the spotting these 2 locations)

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