Rude Awakening
the story
Denholm Elliot Estate agent Norman Shenley finds himself in a never ending nightmare involving the mysterious Lower Moat Manor, his secretary Lolly and Mr. Rayburn. With each recurring nightmare Norman becomes more and more confused as to what is real and what is not. [full story]

the cast
Norman Shenley/Denholm Elliot Lolly/Lucy Gutteridge Rayburn/James Laurenson Mrs Shenley/Pat Heywood Lady Strudwick/Eleanor Summerfield
Norman Shenley
Denholm Elliot
Lucy Gutteridge
Mr. Rayburn
James Laurenson
Emily Shenley
Pat Heywood
Lady Strudwick
Eleanor Summerfield
Dr Melbury/Gareth Armstrong Maid/Patricia Mort
Dr Melbury
Gareth Armstrong
Patricia Mort

  Production details for Rude Awakening
Gerald Savory
Peter Sasdy

transmission information
    27th September 1980 (UK ITV)

screen shots
Denholm Elliot Denholm Elliot Operating Table Lower Moat Manor Rayburn the Hang Man
Norman in phone box outside lower moat manor Norman sees a ghost Norman on the operating table Lower Moat Manor Rayburn as a butler hanging Norman
Norman gets arrested for murder
Norman gets arrested for murder

location guide Film locations used in Rude Awakening

Finally found Lower Moat Manor !
After many years of wondering where on earth this could be I have discovered the whereabouts of the location used for Lower Moat Manor. Its Scottswood Hill just outside Thame. Go here to have a look

Shenley's estate agency was a shop in Great Missenden, near the train station. The shop is now a gentelmens barbers and the shop next door is an estate agents - I wonder if they know !

Greenham Close, London SE1 was the location of the block of flats being demolished (They actually have been). Thanks to Anthony McKay for spotting this location.

The hospital scenes were filmed in Chesham Cottage Hospital (now derelict). Thanks to Moyb Ullah for letting me know about this location. He found it in a shooting script for the episode that he aquired on Ebay.

The interior shots of Lower Moat Manor were filmed in the Main Hall of Hampden House (thanks to Andy Pagin for confirmation).

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