The Mark of Satan
the story
Edwyn is operated on A man claiming to have been infected and possessed by the devil dies trying to drill a hole into his head. Hospital morgue assistant Edwyn Rord attends to the body but soon becomes obsessed with the number 9 and that the the forces of evil are at work. Has Edwyn been infected too ? [full story]

the cast
Edwyn Rord/Peter McEnery Stella/Georgina Hale Dr. Harris/Emrys James Markham/Peter Birrel Priest/Anthony Brown
Edwyn Rord
Peter McEnery
Georgina Hale
Well know in the UK for her role in the 70's TV series Budgie
Dr. Harris
Emrys James
Peter Birrel
Anthony Brown
Dr. Manders/Conrad Phillips Mrs Rord/Annie Dyson
Dr. Manders
Conrad Phillips
Mrs Rord
Annie Dyson
Peter Cartwright
James Duggan
Andrew Bradford
James Curran
Chrispin Gillbard

  Production information for The Mark of Satan
Don Shaw
Don Leaver

transmission information
    6th December 1980 (UK ITV)

screen shots

Edwyn at work The Hymn Numbers Mrs Rord in the freezer The evil group taunt Edwyn In comes the vicar
Edwyn at work The hymn numbers Edwyn and Stella put his mother in the freezer The evil group taunt Edwyn The vicar to the rescue
The group leave Edwyn is operated on A bit of DIY
The vicar forces thr group away Edwyn on the operating table Edwyn attempts a bit of DIY surgery

location guide

The church is Holy Cross Church in Greenford, Middlesex UB6 (Thanks to Rachael Marsh for informing me)

The hospital was Hillingdon Hospital (Thanks to Jim, a visitor to the site for informing me)

Edwyns house is in Heathfield Road, Acton (Thanks to Julian Manhood, a visitor to the site for informing me)

Do you know which building was used for the library ?

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