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Listed below are the previous news announcements and updates that have taken place on the site:

16 Nov 2012     Added 'now' photo of Graham's house
16 Nov 2012     Added 'now' photo of the house
16 Nov 2012     Added 'now' photo of Chuck's house
03 Aug 2012     Added photo of the hook Norman was hanged from
25 Oct 2011     Added Hampden House Floorplan showing scene locations
25 Oct 2011     Confirmation of locations within Hampden House
02 Aug 2011     Photos of original shooting scripts added
13 Jun 2011     Location of hospital found for Rude Awakening
22 Apr 2010     Lower Moat Manor finally found !
22 Apr 2010     New locations found for Carpathian Eagle
22 Apr 2010     New location found for Rude Awakening
11 Nov 2009     New picture of location used in The Thirteenth Reunion
11 Nov 2009     Location for the Church in The Mark of Satan, plus minor updates

10 Dec 2008
Graham & Sarah's house found for Charlie Boy

26 Nov 2008
The Morton's House found for Growing Pains

25 Apr 2008
New location found for Carpathian Eagle

02 Apr 2008
Children of The Full Moon page updated

01 Apr 2008
The Visitor From The Grave page finally added

31 Mar 2008
Location in Growing Pains identified

28 Mar 2008
Great Missenden locations updated

28 Mar 2008
The Two Faces of Evil page finally added

26 Mar 2008
Growing Pains page finally added

17 Mar 2008
Actor images added to Charlie Boy page

21 Feb 2008
Location of Chuck & Annie's house finally found !

17 Aug 2007
Filming Locations added for Little Missenden

14 Aug 2007
Filming Locations used in the Mystery & Suspense series added
Original 'Hand in Fridge' prop photos added

09 Aug 2007
Lots more now and then locations added

Jul 2007
Locations updated with Now and Then shots

Jun 2007
New look Forum
Photos of original props and SFX drawings used on the actual series added to the site !

02 Oct 2002
Region 2 DVD boxset released.

29 Aug 2002
Images of Hampden House and Church added to Miscellaneous section.

15 Aug 2002
IMDb actor links added to all operational episodes.

11 Oct 2001
Story and cast list added to Mark of Satan.
Story, cast list and screen images added to Witching Time.

13 Sep 2001
Story and screen images added to Guardian of The Abyss.
More locations added to Locations Section.

05 Sep 2001
Cast and screen images added to The Silent Scream.

31 Aug 2001
New archive added and front page revamp.
IMDb (Internet Movie Database) links added.
Cast and screen images added to The Thirteenth Reunion.

29 Aug 2001
Film Locations section substantially updated.

25 May 2001
The Thirteenth Reunion story wording and cast list added.
Remaining 7 episodes released on video.

20 Feb 2001
Video footage of The House That Bled To Death added.
E-Mail announcement list created.

11 Feb 2001
Theme tune from series added as background sound.

Jan 2001
First 2 volumes featuring 6 episodes officially re-released on video.
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