witching time, the thirteenth reunion, rude awakening, growing pains, the house that bled to death, charlie boy, the silent scream, children of the full moon, carpathian eagle, guardian of the abyss, visitor from the grave, the two faces of evil, the mark of satan
guide to film locations used in the series which included Amersham, Great Missenden, Hampden, Hazlemere, Windsor

stars of the series included peter cusinh, denholm elliot, diana dors, pierce brosnan

Witching Time The 13th Reunion Denholm Elliot in Rude Awakening The House That Bled To Death Nicholas ball stars in The Silent Scream Guardian of the Abyss

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14 Mar 2019     LOCATION FOUND for the business man's house in Carpathian Eagle
14 Mar 2019     Location found for lake in Visitor From The Grave
14 Mar 2019     Location found for restaurant in The Thirteenth Reunion
19 Feb 2019     Photos of filming of The Thirteenth Reunion
19 Feb 2019     New location found in Acton for The Mark of Satan
19 Feb 2019     New location found in Amersham for Two Faces of Evil
19 Feb 2019     New location found in Great Missenden for Two Faces of Evil
19 Feb 2019     New location found in Great Hampden for Two Faces of Evil
07 Sep 2015     New locations found for Children of the Full Moon
07 Sep 2015     Photos of publicity manual added
03 Jul 2015     New location found for Carpathian Eagle
16 Apr 2015     New location found for The House That Bled to Death
06 Dec 2013     New location found for The Mark of Satan
07 Nov 2013     More 'then' and 'now' photos added for Children of The Full Moon
07 Nov 2013     More 'then' and 'now' photos added for The Two Faces of Evil
06 Nov 2013     Location of Butchers Shop Found
05 Nov 2013     Location of Two Faces of Evil Cottage Found
05 Nov 2013     Locations categorised under each episode
09 Oct 2013     'Now' photo of the childrens home in Growing Pains
09 Oct 2013     'Now' photo of the church in The Mark of Satan
07 Oct 2013     'Now' photo of The Morton's House
10 Sep 2013   CBS Action are showing the series on UK satellite
25 Jun 2013     Exclusive photos inside Hampden House
12 Mar 2013     'Now' photo added for Lower Moat Manor
11 Mar 2013     'Now' photos added for Aston Sandford
05 Mar 2013     Photos of The Hand from The House That Bled To Death
18 Jan 2013     New filming location identified in Growing Pains

Hammer Films, the renowned British film company that produced some of the classic horror movies such as Curse of the Werewolf, in 1980 produced a series of short horror stories for television titled Hammer House of Horror. Some well known stars including the legendary Peter Cushing, Diana Dors and Denholm Elliot were brought onboard to star alongside some up and coming stars including Pierce Brosnan.

An old manor house, Hampden House in the small hamlet of Great Hampden in Buckinghamshire was aquired by Hammer for their head quarters. The house was used extensively in the series and cropped up in many of the episodes. The nearby towns of Great Missenden, Amersham and Chesham were also used considerably.

The series was shown on network British TV in 1980, on ITV, and ran for 13 weeks. The episode titles which you may recall were:
Each week provided a new individual story and I can remember watching as a 12 year old the first episode Witching Time and being hooked eagerly awaiting each coming weeks episode. There was something about this series that captured my attention, probably being so young at the time and being allowed to stay up and get scared witless had something to do with it, oh and seeing some naked female flesh at the age of 12 may have contributed ! The series is also responsible for my love of horror films which continues to this day.

Above all they were great stories which still stand up today and the opening music created the atmosphere perfectly. Even hearing it today sends a chill up my spine !. The majority of the episodes were filmed around the area that I lived (South Buckinghamshire) and to top it all I actually watched one scene from The Silent Scream being filmed at my local shops.

Its no surprise then that this happens to be my favourite episode from the series, featured the great Hammer actor Peter Cushing as Pet Shop owner Mr. Blueck, who takes in an ex-convict as his shop assistant only to use him in his grotesque experiment.

Another of my favourite episodes has to be The House That Bled To Death

I hadn't seen the series since it was shown way back in 1980 and had always regretted not buying some of the videos when my mate Steve and I saw them in HMV's horror section as they then got deleted. But luckily, in 1997 the UK satellite channel Bravo ran the complete series and I got the chance to see them again.

Seeing the series again rekindled my interest all over and prompted me to put a tribute on the web back in 1997. Thankfully the series has since been re-released on DVD for all to enjoy but I intend to keep this site up an running for those of you looking for information. On my associated pages, I have listed information and images for each of the 13 episodes, giving a brief summary of each story and listing the actors. I also have included stills from the episodes.

Living in the area in which the episodes were filmed enables me to provide a Film Location guide which, if you know the area, or intend to visit the area will let you see the locations used in these wonderful programmes.

There was another series titled Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense which I don't know if it was screened on British TV or not. In 1997 the UK satellite channel Sci-Fi did show some of these episodes as films in their own right and I manageded to record 3 of them. But in 2005 this series has also been released in 2 DVD box sets !

I hope you enjoy looking over these pages and if you have any comments or suggestions then please me. I'd love to hear from you.

A big credit must go to Marcus Hearn and Alan Barnes, co-authors of the book The Hammer Story which has been a great source of information and enjoyable reading. Please see my credits page for more information on this book and other sources of information. Also thanks to Nick and Sion for completing my original VHS collection !

Hammer House of Horror Series Credits

A Jack Gill
Chips Productions Ltd

Cinema Arts International
In association with
Hammer Films
ITC Entertainment

Producer: Roy Skeggs
Executive Producers: Brian Lawrence and David Reid

Theme Music by Roger Webb / The Roger Webb Orchestra

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